What kind of rolling bearing has the value of repair

Publish data: 2022-12-02

What kind of rolling bearing has the value of repair, what is the best way to repair?

Rolling bearings are mass-produced mechanical parts, and the manufacturing precision is very strict, and the degree of specialization in technology is very high. Therefore, for most of the easy-to-buy bearing types, it should be more cost-effective to buy than in the following cases. Only consider the repair problem of the bearing:

(1) A large number of bearings of the same type used in large factories are mainly in the form of wear on the rolling surface, fatigue or fretting abrasion, especially the damaged parts are mostly cages or rolling elements, and the ferrules or gaskets are still repaired. value;

(2) Large and extra large bearings, which have no major damage to the parts due to failure or failure, or valuable bearings must be managed to extend their useful life;

(3) Some types of bearings that are really difficult to purchase, have no spare parts after failure and have to be repaired, especially imported bearings;

(4) The bearing has slight damage, such as slight rust generated during the inventory period, and slight fretting abrasion caused by transportation. It is a pity that such repair is easy and abandon.

In addition to economics, the repair of the bearing is also technical, which requires the repairer to fully understand the corresponding technical requirements of the bearing, and the structural, technical and material characteristics of the bearing and its parts, otherwise it is difficult to ensure that the bearing repair has The desired effect.

First, the economic benefits of bearing repair

In general, the number of bearings is small, the number is large, the price of a single bearing is high, or the structure of the bearing is simple. If the size is large, the cost of repair is relatively low, and the economic benefit is higher.

In addition, monitoring the operation of the bearing, and planning to repair the bearing before failure, can get twice the result with half the effort. Following a reasonable process, using efficient repair equipment and tools, and getting help from a professional bearing plant can help increase economic efficiency.

Second, the benefits of cooperation with professional bearing companies.

In the business of repairing bearings, if the cooperation of professional bearing companies can be obtained, the following benefits may be obtained:

(1) The technical requirements of each process of repair can be clarified, and how to ensure the overall quality of the repaired bearing;

(2) It is possible to utilize many of the specialized experience of specialized bearing plants, which can reliably, efficiently and economically meet process requirements;

(3) It is possible to order a tool for a professional bearing company, which can be economical and saves a lot of trouble;

(4) Orders such as cages, rolling elements, rivets, etc. can be ordered from professional bearing companies, which may make the repair work simple, convenient and economical.