Mining Machine

Publish data: 2022-12-08

Severe working conditions and market conditions are the places where mining machinery and construction machinery are active. Most of them are mining sites far away from ordinary human life, such as mountains and deserts, and sometimes even work at 2,000 meters underground. There are many kinds of such machinery, ranging from mineral crushing machinery to cutting machinery, screening machinery, loading machinery, conveying machinery, etc., all of which are continuously running 24 hours a day. The failure of any of these machines will greatly affect the production at the mining site, and the recent increase in the size of the machines has made maintenance work very difficult.

Therefore, in terms of the use environment of bearings, "heavy load + shock load", "light load + high-speed rotation", "heavy load + low-speed rotation" and other very harsh conditions for bearings a lot of. Therefore, users desire bearings with robustness, durability and high reliability that can withstand these harsh conditions.

In order to meet these needs of users, we have been integrating material technology, lubrication technology, analytical technology and more advanced bearing design technology to improve the production efficiency of mining sites in harsh environments and reduce maintenance costs for customers. contribute.